How do I sign up for an account?

Opening a My Digital Squad Host account to register a domain or host your website is a straightforward process, which takes just a few moments to complete. You can sign up immediately using most credit cards . New accounts are often approved automatically. However, if there are payment issues, an account may be held for manual review and you may need to provide additional account verification information.

Is it possible to sign up without a credit card?

When signing up or creating the account you may use the payment options display at the checkout. There are more then one options of payments including email interact transfer.

What email address should I use to sign up?

It’s recommended to use a 3rd party email such as a GMAIL or OUTLOOK address.

It is NOT recommend you use any email that is on one of your domains. For example, if you plan on hosting a site with My Digital Squad Host named ‘example.com’, do not use an address such as ‘contact@example.com’.

The reason is that if your domain registration expires, or you are no longer hosting email, you will fail to receive My Digital Squad Host  related emails. If you’re using a 3rd party email, you’ll always receive My Digital Squad Host announcements at that external address.

Is there a way to try out DreamHost services before signing up?

At this time there is no demo account to test out. However, My Digital Squad Host offers a  30 day money back guarantee for any credit card purchase on a Shared web hosting plan. If you find DreamHost does not suit your needs, you can cancel within 30 days and receive a full refund. View the Refunds article for further details.

How long after I sign up can I start building my site?

If your account is automatically approved, you may proceed with creating your FTP user which will allow you to upload your files within 30 minutes of account approval. If your account is not automatically approved, it will be manually reviewed by My Digital Squad Host. This usually takes about 24 hours, not including weekends or holidays.

However, it will take a bit longer for your domain name to work online. New domain registrations typically take 24-72 hours to be viewable online due to DNS propagation.

Can I sign up without a domain name?

Yes. You may sign up without a domain name. However, you will need a domain or register one with us in order or make your website visible online.

If you are unable to complete a domain registration, contact one of our specialist.


What type of sites can I host with My Digital Squad Host?

You can use any My Digital Squad Host hosting plan for any type of use, commercial or private, non-profit or governmental. As long as all of your content is legal in the United States, My Digital Squad Host has no problem hosting your site.

Will My Digital Squad Hot place ads on my site?

No. It’s your web space for you to use as you like.

Can I have adult content on my My Digital Squad Host-hosted website?

As long as the content is legal within the United States of America, you can host adult content. My Digital Squad Host does not restrict the content of sites hosted unless that content is illegal within the United States of America and Canada or the country which are in. Illegal content includes:

  • blatant copyright infringement
  • libel
  • child pornography


Does DreamHost assist with transferring my domain?

My Digital Squad Host does not provide a website transferring service. Contact support if you require further assistance. The Knowledge Base also has several articles to walk you through migrating site content, or transferring a domain registration.

  • Transferring website hosting
  • Transferring a domain registration


Do you offer web designing, maintenance and programming services?

Yes. My Digital Squad Host offers web services from the ground up.  We can help ou design all the way through maintenance. We specialize on WordPress  to get your online presence where it needs to go.

Does My Digital Squad Host offer a reseller plan?

Yes.. You can visit our reseller page and  can resell services as you like. View the Reselling package plans to open your own webhosting services. You will be able to sell accounts and host website under your own white label brand.

How can I update my account information?

Yes. To update your account information please click on the below to log in and update the information accordingly:


Are there any setup or hidden fees?

No. You pay only for the services listed when making a payment. There are no additional fees added to your account.raising campaign expanding community ownership policy advocate economic security compassion.

How can I prevent my hosting services from renewing automatically?

Each My Digital Squad Host service automatically renews at the end of its service period. The only way to prevent a service from renewing is to end it before it automatically renews. It’s possible to end each My Digital Squad Host service without closing the account. View the following article for further information:

Where are you located?

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Is sales tax added to services?

There is no sales tax on any  My Digital Squad Hostt purchase.

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