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F. A. Q

What can WhoisGuard do for me?
WhoisGuard replaces your name and contact information in the public Whois. This protects your private information from being mined and used for other purposes, such as identity theft or unsolicited marketing.

Can I disable WhoisGuard if I need to?
In case you want your contact information to be listed in public Whois for some reason, you can disable WhoisGuard and enable it when you want, using our control panel.

What about emails sent to the Whois?
Consider it handled. This service replaces your email address with a unique WhoisGuard email address. Your “” email address receives your email, filters it for spam and then forwards it on to an email address of your choice.

Is there an email auto-change option?
Yes. As an additional security measure against spamming, your WhoisGuard email address can be configured to change automatically at regular intervals. This means that if your unique email address does end up on a marketing list, the details they have are only valid for a very short time.

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